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Geringsing Wayang

Centerfield for Man’s Hip Cloth

IDR 24,285,714

Geringsing refers to word “gering” and “sing“. Gering means sickness and sing means against so geringsing means against the sickness. This textile is believed to be as a protective cloth. A geringsing wayang refers to a geringsing that has wayang or figure motif on the textile. The geringsing wayang is worn as part of ceremonial attire. During ceremonies, the women wear it folded and draped over the front of their geringsing akuub body wrap. The motif on this double ikat geringsing is called Wayang PutriWayang refers to a human–you can see the shadow puppet-like human images of a priest and two supplicants.

The intricacy and accuracy of making a textile as complex as this with colour as excellent is this a work of masters; tiers, dyers and weavers. It is rare to have such an excellent piece emerge from Tenganan with this level of excellence at this time.

When the cloth is uncut as this one is-it can be used for ceremonies for the deities/ancestors. When the cloth is ritually cloth it is done so with an offering as it is brought down from the world of ancestors to the human dimension.

You may choose to hang this spectacular piece as it is or to cut it and hang it horizontal or place as a runner in a place of your choosing.

Double ikat, handspun cotton, single panel with uncut warp, natural dyes.
Made in Tenganan Pegringsingan Bali, 2015.
252 x 62 cm