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Man's Ceremonial Belt

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Fafutu is a decorative narrow waist wrapping worn by male dancers as part of ceremonial dress for ritual performances in Timor. The cloth is wrapped around the body and the ends drape towards the feet of the dancer. A fafutu may have bells and beads attached to the fringe to enhance the dance as the bells jingle in time with the stamping of the feet of the dancer and music.

The motif on this cloth is called manu or chicken – chickens are an important animal in traditional communities as they are essential to all rituals.

To reach the level of red colour, the threads would have been dyed more than 16 times using the bark of the roots of Morinda citrifolia.

Warp ikat, single panel, commercial cotton, twisted fringe, natural dyes.
Made by Florensia Usaek in Malaka, Timor, 2018.
204 x 31 cm