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Man's Ceremonial Belt

IDR 3,000,000

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Fafutu is a decorative narrow waist wrapping worn by male dancers as part of ceremonial dress for ritual performances. It is wrapped around the body and the ends drape towards the feet of the dancer.

The fafutu may have beads and bells attached so that the bells jingle in time with the stamping of the dancer and the music. There may be a full ikat motif pattern in the center of textile with smaller bands of partial motifs on either side.

Sanamea refers to the need for the weavers to be busy looking for dye plants to make red. The deep red dyed textiles are important to the people of Malaka. In Tetun language sanamea also means a red jar.

Warp ikat, stitched beaded motifs, single panel with braided fringe, bells made in Bali sewn on to fringe, handspun cotton, natural dyes. Ikat tied, dyed and woven by Susana Soel in Timor, 2019.
205 x 28 cm / 80.5 x 11 in