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Man's Ceremonial Belt

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Fafutu is a decorative single panel textile used as a waist wrapping worn by male dancers as part of ceremonial dress for ritual performances. It is wrapped around the body and the ends drape towards the feet of the dancer. The fafutu may also be made with embellishments such as bells and beads so that the bells jingle in time to music and with the stamping of the dancer’s feet.

The fine ikat patterning on this textile and rich Morinda-red colouring make it clear that this cloth was woven by a master weaver. The motif is called papusu which refers to the hair ornament worn by men to keep their uncut hair up. Papusu is made from a slender but sharp stick of wood but can also be from metal or bamboo.

Warp ikat, single panel, twisted fringe with beads, handspun cotton, natural dyes.
Made in Malaka, Timor, 2019.
284 x 29 cm / 112 x 11 in