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Cushion Cover

Traditional Textiles

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This cushion cover is made by the weavers of Amanuban in Timor using cotton fibers in a supplementary warp wrap patterning technique that have been dyed black with mud dyes. The solid rust color backing is made from handspun cotton and woven on a backstrap loom in Java and dyed with Ceriops tagal in the Threads of Life Dye Studio.

The motif on this cushion is called atoni or ancestor – you can see the big ears and hands and feet. The ancestors are linked together to remind us that if we ask our ancestors for guidance, our path will be made clear of obstacles. These handmade natural dyed cushions would be exquisite on a couch, chair or bed.

Woven in Amanuban,Timor, 2020.
50 x 36 cm / 19.5 x 14 in