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This cushion is made up of the traditional cloth woven on Sumba using natural dyes and traditional ikat motifs. The solid coloured backing is made by the weavers from Hamba Parengu in East Sumba using the brilliant indigo dye process of which they are famous.

Wala mangata is a poisonous flower. It usually grows during the rainy season between January to February. There is a story about this motif whereby a young man falls in love with a girl but she does not return his feelings. He begs for her love and she finally agrees to marry him if he will eat the wala manggata flower. Knowing the flower is poisonous and that it will likely kill him, he finally gives up on the girl. The wala manggata plant is often planted around a crop to keep birds away.

These handmade natural dyed cushions are exquisite on a couch, chair or bed.

Woven in Sumba, 2019.
49 x 28 cm / 19.5 x 11 in
Price per piece.

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