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Cerik Langah

Woman’s Breast Wrap

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Cerik langah literally means a cloth with spacing or openings. This cloth was woven on a backstrap loom and the pattern has been achieved with a slit tapestry technique.

This textile was dyed by the Threads of Life Natural Dye Studio using only sustainably harvested materials to achieve the colours of using mustard Artocarpus heterophyllus wood.

Traditionally this type of open weave textile was worn as a breast wrap and used for ritual dance throughout Bali. The spaces are said to be the way that the dancer is able to shift between the dimensions. This textile is beautiful to wear as the feel is so light, perfect with jeans or with a dress.

Slit tapestry and supplementary weft patterning, single panel, twisted fringe, commercial cotton, natural dyes. Threads dyed by Threads of Life Dye Studio, textile woven by Ni Komang Darmini, Pejeng, Bali, 2020.
246 x 54 cm / 97 x 21.5 in