Threads Of Life

Earth and Fire

Flower Vase

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This pot was hand formed from stoneware clay and then bisque fired until hard and strong. The color comes from the pots contact natural materials such as sea weed, frangipani blossoms, fruit peels, leaves, metals etc. that are in directly on the bisque pots and in the pit itself. Pit firing creates complex patterns and colours without glazing and is the oldest known method for firing pottering dating as early as 29,000-25,000 BCE.

The pots are nestled into sawdust at the bottom of a pit in the ground. Flammable materials like palm branches, bamboo & scrap wood are gently layered on top and the fire is started. When it has burned down to hot embers, the pit is covered for 1-3 days and left to create magical reactions between the clay, fire and natural materials so that each pot has a unique pattern and coloration determined by the fire gods in collaboration with natural materials. Using similar techniques as ancient Roman water vessels, bees wax is used inside of the pot to seal it and on the outside to polish it. You can bring up the rich colors by rubbing your pot with a soft cloth.

Each piece comes in special gift box individually made for each piece
5 x 5 cm / 2 x 2 in

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