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Timor Stunning White

Handspun Mau Naek

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This textile was made in the traditional community of Boti in West Timor. The weaver group, Tae Matani, spins thread from cotton grown in their gardens to make this extraordinary ikat textile using a time consuming technique of supplementary warp wrap buna to create the patterns. All members of Boti wear this traditional dress while in the village.

The last King of Boti, Nune Benu maintained a strong connection to nature with the bird being his personal totem. His son, Nama Benu, as heir continues to honor the same “adat” or traditional law that his father upheld. Molo Benu, master weaver, is the daughter of the King and head of the weaving group in the village.

Information about the makers will be supplied with each cloth.
Supplementary warp wrap patterning, three panels sewn together with twined fringes, handspun cotton, natural dyes Ikat tied, dyed, Woven in Boti, Timor, 2004.
193 x 108 cm / 76 x 42.5 in

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