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Beti Naek

Man's Hip Cloth

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Beti Naek is a three part man’s hip cloth with a center panel made with all ikat patterning and the same motif appearing in the bands on the two side panels. This textile is worn for ceremonies and special occasions.

The motif on this textiles Ika means fish. In Timor different clans have a sacred stone, water source, plant and animal, similar to what the Western world understands as a totem. The fish on this cloth indicates that this group regard fish as being sacred and taboo, and may not eat fish or any animal that lives underwater.

Warp ikat, three panels stitched together, open fringe, commercial cotton, natural dyes. Ikat tied and woven by Susana Suni, dyed by Yohana Ato in Miomafo, Timor, 2020.
194 x 109 cm / 76.5 x 43 in