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Beti Naek

Man's Ceremonial Hip Cloth

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Beti Naek is a three-part man’s hip cloth with a center panel made with all ikat patterning and the same motif appearing in the bands on the two side panels. This textile is worn for ceremonies and special occasions. The textiles of Miomafo area in west Timor are renowned for their indigo work with intricate ikat. Motifs used include makaif hook pattern, atoni human ancestor figure, beso frog and noa no’o coconut leaf.

The motif on this cloth is called atoni ahaket – a standing symbol of the ancestor who is called upon to help with ceremonies related to agriculture, lifecycle ceremonies and making a traditional house. This motif can only be made by certain women in certain clans.

Warp ikat, three panels stitched together, open fringe, commercial cotton, natural dyes. Made in Oe Nenu, Timor, 2019.
185 x 98 cm / 73 x 38.5 in