Beti Krao

Man's Hip Cloth

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Beti Krao is a two-panel man’s hip cloth worn as everyday dress and for some ceremonies. The center part where the two sections are sewn together contain bands of small full ikat patterning with smaller strips of color and partial ikat patterning on either side of these bands. The number of full ikat patterning bands is 4, 6 or 8 depend on the status and age of the man wearing the textile, the more bands the higher the age and status.

The motif on this textile is called manu or chicken. Chickens are a very important animals in a traditional community. One can rely on its call to wake the community every morning. So like the chicken that gets up early so should the people be hard working and wake early. Chickens are also required for ceremonies as well as providing flood for daily life.

This red used on this textile is from the bark of the root of Morinda citrifolia. To achieve a deep red such as this textile requires at least 30 applications on well oiled threads. This can take up to six months to achieve. This piece is stunning as a wall hanging or as a bed throw.

Warp ikat, two panels stitched together, open fringe, commercial cotton, natural dyes. Ikat tied, dyed and woven by Rosalia Alos in Malaka, Timor, 2020.
216 x 121 cm / 85 x 47.5 in


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