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Woman's Hip Cloth

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The design of this exquisite hand-drawn batik textile made by kraton artisans in Yogyakarta, Java, is called Jaladri. Jaladri refers to the sea and all the animals that it contains. The Yogyakarta Sultans ritually marry the goddess of the south sea, Nyai Roro Kidul. To this day ceremonies to the sea are performed every year to honour the goddess with gifts of cloth and food. The motifs included on this textile are lobsters, crabs and squid.

The motifs on this textile are carefully drawn in wax with a small drawing tool called a canting. It requires great skill to achieve the clean wave lines that represent the sea. Once the textile is waxed it will be dyed in indigo but the areas that are to stay white must be completely covered with a wax that will not crack during the dye work and allow the colour to seep through. This is what makes a particularly fine and valuable textile. After being dyed indigo, the textile is re-waxed to maintain blue areas before the cloth is dipped repeatedly in the brown soga dye, which is a mix of several dye plants, being mainly Maclura cochincenesis, Pterocarpus indica, and Ceriops tegal.

Batik, commercial cotton, natural and synthetic dyes.
Batik by a master batik artist of Giriloyo, indigo dyed in Bantul, and soga dyed in Yogyakarta, 2019.
244 x 105 cm / 96 x 41.5 in


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