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Batik Cotton Scarf


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This handspun cotton scarf is the beginning of a revival project with cotton and natural dye farmers, spinners and weavers along with batik artists in Tuban East Java and Threads of Life in Bali. Together we aim to continue to produce high quality natural dyed traditional batik textiles while generating income for more than 100 families.

The motif on this textiles is called sri guntingan which is a swallow with a tail open like a scissors. These birds live in banyan trees and fly in large numbers – suggesting abundance and good luck.

Batik, single panel, twisted fringe, handspun cotton, natural dyes.
Woven by Saripuk and batiked by Darmi in Tuban, natural dyes by Threads of Life dye studio Ubud, Bali. 2019
206 x 52 cm / 81 x 20.5 in