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Assorted Treasures

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We have created these sets of a variety of crafts and basketry from the islands we work with. Each piece has been chosen carefully to stack into our boxes so that we can send these to you with as little shipping cost as possible. These make wonderful gifts throughout the year.

All of the natural materials are carefully selected for age so they will not decay, the maker uses techniques handed down to her from her grandmothers and motifs are inspired by nature and the natural dyes come from local gardens. All of these items continue to have traditional use in the community.

Renjung storage basket
Basketry with bamboo and a grass locally called senggang (Hornstedtia scyphifera), natural dyes. This basket is skillfully woven with a motif ahi besumping which refers to a jumping squirrel.
Made in Kalimantan, 2019.
31 x 18 cm / 12 x 7 in
35 x 20 cm / 14 x 8 in
2 pieces

Batik Seser that fits into the basket
Batik drawing (canting) on handspun cotton woven on a backstrap loom in Java, Dyed with Indigo (Strobilanthes cusia) at the Threads of Life Natural dye studio.
206 x 55 cm / 81 x 21.5 in
1 piece

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