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Wai Wake

Shoulder Scarf

Savu is a small island to the west of Timor. The people of this island have a strong culture and while many have converted to Christianity the traditional belief system – Jingi Tiu still prevails. All ceremonies related to land management are overseen by traditional leaders called Mone Ama.

Textiles are an important aspect of ceremonial life. This cloth called wai wake is a used by a man as a belt that is tied over the traditional hip cloth; Hig’i Wo Heo. The structure of a Hig’i Wo Heo textile contains nine ikat bands indicating a high social rank among the people that follow the traditional ways of Jingi Tiu.

The white ikat motif on this textile is called happi, is a motif that flanks other motifs. It is an essential motif on the Hig’i Wo Happi.

Warp ikat, single panel, twisted fringe, commercial cotton, natural dyes. Ikat  Tied, dyed, woven in Nadawawi, Sabu, 2018.
200 x 16 cm

US$ 75

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