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Head scarf

Teara is a man’s single panel head cloth, used for both everyday use and ceremonies. Women also use it as a shoulder cloth for ceremonies. The motif ruha refers to a deer.

This motif may only be used on textiles by the high caste or royals of Sumba, kaka refers to the cockatoo.

As cockatoos generally are seen in groups they are seen to be symbolic of community and reminds the wearer of the textile of the importance of community, harmony and tolerance. The floral pattern hunda rangga refers to a textile that is reminiscent of the Indian patola pattern. In the past this motif would only have been worn by nobility.

Warp ikat, single panel, with twisted fringe, commercial cotton, natural dyes, Ikat tied dyed and woven in Rindi, Sumba, 2019.
220 x 24 cm

US$ 180

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