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Tais Marobos

Woman's Ceremonial Sarong

Tais marobos is a three-part tubular sarong worn by older women for traditional ceremonies. The centerfield has a series of colored stripes with small strips of simple ikat patterning in between.

Only older women may make the more complicated and potent textiles; marobos and keut bati as well as the use of rarote warp wrap patterning. The motif maun kabas refers to a rooster. We can rely on the roosters to wake the community every morning with its call to get on with the work of the day.

Warp ikat, three panels stitched together and sewn as a tube, commercial cotton, natural dyes. Made by Emerensiana Seuk in Malaka, Timor, 2019.
129 x 61 cm


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