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Belt or Trim

Pallawa is the local name for tablet weaving for the MarasaToraja people. These lovely strips used to make ceremonial belts, ties for hats and borders on clothing. The warp yarns are threaded through small square tablets which were made of bone or tortoise shell in the past. These tablets are rotated to form the sheds and the resulting textile we be a narrow warp faced band. The sizes range from three fingers in width to one finger in width.

This has been a revival project through Threads of Life and the threads are all dyed at the Threads of Life Natural Dye Studio and then taken to the weavers in the remote area of Mamasa, Sulawesi. The motif varies throughout the weaving process and are reminiscent of the motifs used on Sulawesi sekomandi textiles.

Tablet weaving, commercial cotton, natural dyes. Made in Mamasa, Sulawesi, 2019.
700 cm x 3 cm (sold by the meter)


US$20 / meter

Enquiries to, please state the name of the textile.
First come first served basis — each buyer will have five working days to make payment.
Shipping, import duty, VAT not included.
All sales are final and no returns will be accepted.