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Mau Tnana

Shoulder Cloth

A mans’ hip cloth called a mau naek consists of three panels sewn together. The centre panel is called tnana in the local language. Timor has a wide range of textiles with various techniques including ikat, supplementary warp wrap called buna and supplementary warp patterning called sotis.

The motif kai mnutu refers to a small hook pattern representing interconnectedness.

Warp ikat, single panel, twisted fringe, commercial cotton, natural dyes. Ikat tied, dyed, woven in Amanuban, Timor, 2018.
210 x 54 cm


Yansen Alfred Tuan is originally from Timor and now married to a Balinese woman and they have two beautiful children. Yansen keeps us laughing all the time as is our invaluable fieldstaff. He says in this picture he is thinking of Timor and missing it.

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