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Geringsing Wayang Kebo

Ceremonial Cloth

Geringsing is from the two Balinese words; gering and sing. Gering means sickness and sing means against. This textile is believed to be as a protective cloth. A geringsing wayang kebo is the highest-ranking ritual textile of all the geringsing textiles in Tenganan. It contains three full lubeng luhur (cross cut of stupa) motifs and the incredible human-like wayang kulit shadow puppet figures.

The geringsing wayang is worn as part of ceremonial attire for both men and women. During ceremonies, the women wear it folded and draped over the front of their full geringsing akuub body wrap.

The dye work took at least five years to complete.

Double Ikat, single panel, open fringe, handspun cotton, natural dyes.  Tied, dyed and woven in Tenganan, Bali, 2014.
254 x 55 cm


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