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Ei Pudi Wo Datu

Woman's Sarong

The culture of Savu and Rai Jua places great weight on ancestry, birthplace, and community life. The local traditional religion, called Jingi Tiu, requires every member of the village to participate in rituals and ceremonies.

The island of Raijua, just to the west of the island of Savu produces an unusual indigo woman’s sarong called Ei Pudi Wo Datu. Datu refers to the flower of the lontar palm which produces a liquid called tuak that flows from the stalk of the cut palm flower. This drink is an essential food for the people of Raijua especially during the dry season when food is scarce. The woven cloth is black and white. The tie dye circle is made around a mung bean or corn seed. The final over-dyeing with indigo produces the pattern and the overall black blue color of the textile.

Tie and dye, three panels stitched together and sewn as a tube, handspun cotton, natural dyes. Made by Getreda Kana Koy, in Raijua, 2019.
162 x 54 cm


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