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Timor Ikat Natural Dyes

Traditional Cushion Cover IDR 800,000

Cushion Cover

Traditional Textiles IDR 1,571,429

Java Hand Drawn Batik

Lou Zeldis Cushion Cover IDR 1,000,000

Cushion Cover

Traditional Textiles IDR 857,143

Kreot Nai Juan

Lembata Kreot Nai Juan IDR 21,428,571

Lontar Collection Bag

Handspun with Boro Stitching IDR 1,571,429

Natural Dyes Welcome

Lembata Senai IDR 2,142,857

Rich Handspun Leaves

Timor Mau Ana IDR 4,285,714

Timor Interconnection

Mau Naek Natural Dyes IDR 10,714,286

Protective Motif Shield

Bali Silk Court Songket IDR 11,142,857

Wrap Yourself in Indigo

Ahimsa Meditation Shawl IDR 3,571,429

Snakes and Ladders Game

Indigo Dyed with Bali Mythology IDR 1,142,857

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