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Flames of Fire

Wearable Art Lou Zeldis IDR 2,242,857

Lou Zeldis Vibrations

Stunning Wall Hanging Sarong IDR 2,242,857

Coming Up Daisies

Lou Zeldis Wearable Art IDR 2,242,857

Geometric Shadows

Lou Zeldis Art IDR 2,242,857

Lou Zeldis Shirt

Hand Drawn Batik IDR 1,785,714


Lou Zeldis Batik IDR 2,242,857

Lou Zeldis Jungle Grass

Decorative Hanging or Sarong IDR 2,828,571

Lou Zeldis Batik

Decorative Hanging IDR 2,828,571

Scorpios This is for You

Lou Zeldis Sarong Hanging IDR 2,828,571

Lou Zeldis Batik

Decorative Hanging IDR 2,242,857

China Sea Classic

Lou Zeldis Wall Hanging IDR 1,785,714

Protective Batik Motif

Lou Zeldis Batik IDR 2,242,857

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