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Sumba Lions on Indigo

Perfect Throw or Wrap IDR 3,357,143

Wrap Yourself in Earth

Four Colours Including Mud Dyed IDR 2,500,000

Geometric Tapestry

Bali Rangrang Art IDR 2,714,286

Seashells and Roosters

Sumba Lau Hemba Pahudu IDR 6,857,143


Assorted Treasures IDR 3,214,286

Earth and Fire

Vessel with Lid IDR 871,429

Lou Zeldis Batik

Decorative Hanging or Sarong IDR 2,828,571

Earth and Fire

Flower Vase IDR 442,857


Assorted Treasures IDR 2,500,000

Earth and Fire

Flower Vase IDR 300,000

Mud Dyed Geckos

Timor Mau Naek IDR 4,642,857

Ikat Deep Indigo

Savu Ei Worapi Throw IDR 4,642,857

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Mau Naek from Timor


Bebali Cloth Revival


Ei Ledo from Savu