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Natural Dye Batik Class

IDR 550,000

Min. 2 persons
Discount 20% for more than 2 persons


Woman's Sarong IDR 6,428,571

Octopus and Crayfish

Sumba Pahudu Kiku IDR 8,571,429

Handspun Ancestors

Timor Mau Naek IDR 7,142,857

Deep Red Timor Wall Art

Woman's Tais Maruka IDR 5,428,571

Beit Ana

Shoulder Cloth IDR 1,071,429

Midnight Blue White Flowers

Ei Pudi Wo Datu IDR 5,714,286

Hinggi Hakanaeng

Section of Man's Hip Cloth IDR 4,142,857

Exquisite Red Ikat

Timor Beti Krao Blanket IDR 11,428,571

Hinggi Hakaneng

Section of Man's Hip Cloth IDR 3,357,143

Handspun Cotton Natural Dyed

Four Colours Including Mud Dyed IDR 2,500,000

Seashells and Roosters

Sumba Lau Hemba Pahudu IDR 6,857,143

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