GALLERY SALES and INTERIORS: These contemporary objects and homewares are from our Ubud gallery, offering an opportunity to those who cannot visit Bali to buy pieces online. FARMER TO FABRIC: These textiles are dyed by at our natural dye production studio in Bali using plant-based, non-polluting methods. The dyes are made from sustainably cultivated and harvested plants, responsibly sourced to generate income for smallholder Indonesian farmers. COLLECTION SALES: These textiles are drawn from the Threads of Life benchmark collection that has been a quality control reference for ongoing production in terms of dyeing and weaving techniques, and motifs and designs. CERAMICS & SILKS are from respected artists who share our values. BASKETRY & CRAFTS features curated collections of traditional basketry from across the archipelago. FOR THE ARTIST is where you will find our cut fabric squares and natural dyed threads and our sustainably harvested plant mordant for your dye work.

GALLERY SALES and INTERIORS: The textiles, baskets, pillows and bed runners displayed here show the impact of the Threads of Life collection on the quality of work being produced by the weavers and makers we work with. Images show objects in a home setting, suggesting how to live with these beautiful works.

FARMER TO FABRIC: Our natural dye research studio has supported our quality control work since 2000 by documenting traditional dye recipes in the field, replicating them in the studio, testing for washability and light fastness, and working on variations to discover where aspects of a traditional recipe may have been forgotten. Expanding the studio into a production space in 2018, we source our dye plants from farmers in areas where we have weavers groups, and have developed our Farmer to Fabric line to showcase this work.

COLLECTION SALES: The Threads of Life collection of benchmark textiles has been growing ever since we started our work in 1998. We did not sell the benchmarks once new standards were set, and the collection has expanded into a significant record of continuity and change in Indonesia’s textile arts. Most of the pieces were purchased from weavers Threads of Life works with, but there are some older pieces that were purchased on the open market to inform conversations with contemporary weavers. In recent years, this collection has grown beyond both our organisational needs and our conservation and curation capacities. We are therefore letting go of some pieces that embody standards of dyeing and weaving techniques, and of motifs and designs, that are represented elsewhere in the benchmark collection, or that are from communities that we no longer work with.

Enquiries can be made to, stating the name of the textile you are interested in. Each textile will be sold on a first come first served basis, and each buyer will have five working days to make payment. Those who enquire about a textile that has already been sold but not paid for will be told they are on a waiting list and will be offered the textile if the first buyer does not complete payment in time. For agreed sales, an invoice will be emailed which can be paid for via PayPal using a credit card or PayPal balance, or with a bank transfer. The cost of shipping is not included in the price, and neither is any import duty or value added tax that may be levied upon the shipment upon its arrival in your country. We ship via DHL, so please include your complete mailing address and phone number. All sales are final and no returns will be accepted.