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Interconnection and Nobility

Slit Tapestry Belt IDR 3,571,429

Wrap Yourself in a Traditional Ikat

Mud Dye With Warp Wrap IDR 5,000,000

Exquisite Red Ikat

Timor Beti Krao Blanket IDR 11,428,571

Flores Island of Flowers

Lete, Home Accent IDR 1,285,714

Examine this Elegance

Batik Lou Zeldis IDR 2,828,571

Sem Beklobe

Man's Hip Cloth IDR 3,928,571

Promises to Family

Lembata Kreot Nai Juan IDR 21,428,571


Woman's Sarong IDR 5,357,143

Our Lines of Ancestry

Handspun Timor IDR 12,285,714

Rare Collectible

Handspun Timor IDR 17,857,143

Horse Print Sumba

Shoulder cloth or Head Wrap IDR 2,285,714

Grandmothers’ Designs

Mud Dye Throw Timor IDR 7,857,143