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Spice Trade Symbols

Handspun Cotton Lembata IDR 1,142,857

Superb Detail Ikat

Timor Home Decor IDR 1,357,143

Connecting Heaven Earth

Flores Ikat Decor IDR 5,714,286

Deep Red Timor Wall Art

Woman's Tais Maruka IDR 5,428,571

Indigo Ikat Cucumbers

Savu Higi Wo Pidu IDR 5,714,286

Red Ancient Patterns

Sulawesi Selandang IDR 1,071,429

Touch of Tradition

Timor Table runner Accent IDR 1,071,429

Deep Reds of Sulawesi

Sekomandi Hanging or Throw IDR 9,285,714

Rare Horses Ancestors

Timor Ceremonial Sarong IDR 5,500,000

Frogs Speak of Rain

Timor Indigo Elegant IDR 2,357,143

Earth Dyed Sudamala

Bali Life Cycles IDR 5,357,143

Harmony and Tolerence

Sumba Deep Indigo IDR 6,000,000