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The indigenous women of Indonesia have always communicated their culture’s life-affirming wisdom through their textile arts. In their ceremonial uses, the rituals of their making, and the oral traditions associated with their symbolism, these textiles embody and transmit between generations a worldview that sees our place upon the Earth as a sacred trust from the ancestors.

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Midnight Blue White Flowers

Ei Pudi Wo Datu IDR 5,714,286

Ikat Deep Indigo

Savu Ei Worapi Throw IDR 4,642,857

Indigo Ikat Cucumbers

Savu Higi Wo Pidu IDR 5,714,286

Red Home Accent

Heleda Savu Ikat IDR 1,071,429


Shoulder Scarf IDR 1,071,429

Perfect Table Accent

Ikat Indigo Helada IDR 1,071,429


Shoulder Scarf IDR 1,071,429

Elegant Midnight Blue Ikat

Savu Ei Ledo Art IDR 5,714,286

Ei Raja

Woman's Ceremonial Sarong IDR 4,285,714

Wai Wake

Shoulder Scarf IDR 1,071,429

Higi Wo Hapi

Man’s Traditional Hip Cloth IDR 2,642,857

Higi Wo Pidu

Man's Ceremonial Hip Cloth IDR 5,714,286

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