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The indigenous women of Indonesia have always communicated their culture’s life-affirming wisdom through their textile arts. In their ceremonial uses, the rituals of their making, and the oral traditions associated with their symbolism, these textiles embody and transmit between generations a worldview that sees our place upon the Earth as a sacred trust from the ancestors.

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Woman’s Interconnection

Timor Tais Wall Art IDR 6,428,571

Deep Red Timor Wall Art

Woman's Tais Maruka IDR 5,428,571

Touch of Tradition

Timor Table runner Accent IDR 1,071,429

Midnight Blue White Flowers

Ei Pudi Wo Datu IDR 5,714,286

Cockatoos on Indigo

Sumba Half Hinggi IDR 4,142,857

Exquisite Red Ikat

Timor Beti Krao Blanket IDR 11,428,571

Lions and Open Space

Sumba Blanket called Hinggi IDR 14,000,000

Sumba Lions on Indigo

Perfect Throw or Wrap IDR 3,357,143

Geometric Tapestry

Bali Rangrang Art IDR 2,714,286

Seashells and Roosters

Sumba Lau Hemba Pahudu IDR 6,857,143

Timor Warrior

Beti Naek Blanket IDR 4,642,857

Mud Dyed Geckos

Timor Mau Naek IDR 4,642,857

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