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Threads Of Life


The indigenous women of Indonesia have always communicated their culture’s life-affirming wisdom through their textile arts. In their ceremonial uses, the rituals of their making, and the oral traditions associated with their symbolism, these textiles embody and transmit between generations a worldview that sees our place upon the Earth as a sacred trust from the ancestors.

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Bold and Powerful

Sumba Blanket IDR 18,571,429

Ikat Promises Kept

Sekomandi Throw IDR 8,571,429

Reindeer and Diamonds

Man's Hip Cloth IDR 15,714,286

Classic Throw

Mud Dye Ikat IDR 6,428,571

Crayfish as Regeneration

Table Runner or Throw IDR 10,357,143

Timor All Connected

Beti Naek Blanket IDR 6,857,143

Utter Elegance to Wear

Matching Bed Set IDR 6,428,571

Speaks of Treasures

Bed Throw IDR 7,142,857

Connected Through Beauty

Throw for Bed Couch IDR 7,142,857

A Conversation Piece

Timor Art Wearable Decor IDR 4,642,857

Protective Motif Shield

Bali Silk Court Songket IDR 11,142,857

Elegant Geometry

Bali Rangrang Art IDR 2,642,857