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Made with repeated applications of wax resist and dye, a batik mirrors the layers of cultural influence embodied in Java’s batik art. In Java, we work with farmers to preserve cotton varieties, with elderly women who weave cotton cloth, with younger women who apply wax designs, and with the few remaining natural dye houses.

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Lou Zeldis African Eye

Wear as a Sarong IDR 2,828,571

Lou Zeldis Batik

Decorative Hanging IDR 2,828,571

Rattan Patterns Lou Zeldis

Amazing as Sarong IDR 2,828,571

Small Door or Wall Hanging

Lou Zeldis Zebra Motif IDR 1,571,429

Lou Zeldis Coca Cola

Door Hanging or Wall IDR 1,571,429

Lou Zeldis Kapok Tree

Heavy Cotton as Hanging IDR 1,785,714

Reflect on Light

Elegant Hand Drawn on Silk IDR 3,500,000

Lou Zeldis Geometric

Hand Drawn Batik IDR 1,571,429

Soga Browns Geometric

Lou Zeldis as Hanging Tablecloth IDR 2,828,571

Chequered Lou Zeldis

Fabulous Hanging or Sarong IDR 2,828,571

Patterns Denoting Balance

Hand Drawn Batik on Silk IDR 1,928,571

Wearable Art

Hand Drawn Batik on Silk IDR 1,785,714

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