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Birds on White Centrefield

Timor Beti Naek IDR 8,285,714

Earth Dyed Sudamala

Bali Life Cycles IDR 6,428,571

Deep Reds of Sulawesi

Sekomandi Hanging or Throw IDR 10,000,000

Cotton Slit Tapestry Weave

As a Scarf or Hanging IDR 2,428,571

Bali Silk Natural Dyes

Traditional Court Songket IDR 13,142,857

Timor All Connected

Beti Naek Blanket IDR 6,857,143

Scorpios This is for You

Lou Zeldis Sarong Hanging IDR 2,828,571

Sulawesi Red Indigo Ikat

Sekomandi Hanging or Throw IDR 7,857,143

China Sea Classic

Lou Zeldis Wall Hanging IDR 1,785,714


Man's Hip Wrap IDR 1,714,286

Lou Zeldis Batik

Decorative Hanging IDR 2,242,857

Elegant Midnight Blue Ikat

Savu Ei Ledo Art IDR 5,714,286

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