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Mud Dyed Sulawesi Throw

Traditional Morilotong IDR 5,000,000

Meditation Elegant Wrap

Hanging or Shawl IDR 3,642,857

Winding Thread into Being

Carpet or Hanging Sekomandi IDR 10,714,286

Birds on White Centrefield

Timor Beti Naek IDR 8,285,714

Protective Designs on Silk

Traditional Court Dress IDR 13,142,857

Popcorn Essential Food

Timor Tais Maruka IDR 4,642,857

Small Door or Wall Hanging

Decorative Hanging IDR 1,571,429

Connecting Heaven Earth

Flores Ikat Decor IDR 5,714,286

Deep Red Timor Wall Art

Woman's Tais Maruka IDR 5,428,571

Indigo Ikat Cucumbers

Savu Higi Wo Pidu IDR 5,714,286

Deep Reds of Sulawesi

Sekomandi Hanging or Throw IDR 9,285,714

Rare Horses Ancestors

Timor Ceremonial Sarong IDR 5,500,000