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Speaks of Treasures

Bed Throw IDR 7,142,857

Connected Through Beauty

Throw for Bed Couch IDR 7,142,857

Protective Motif Shield

Bali Silk Court Songket IDR 11,142,857

Elegant Geometry

Bali Rangrang Art IDR 2,642,857

Woman’s Interconnection

Timor Tais Wall Art IDR 6,428,571

Classic Lou Zeldis

Crazy Wheel IDR 2,242,857

Wrapped in Symbols

Lou Zeldis Batik IDR 2,242,857

Wearable Art

Lou Zeldis Batik IDR 2,242,857

House Of Spirit

Lou Zeldis Hanging IDR 1,571,429

Symbols Balance Strength

Wall Hanging on Silk IDR 3,785,714

Palm Leaves Batik

Decorative Hanging IDR 2,242,857

Speaks of Balance

Perfect For a Table IDR 2,142,857