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Traditional textiles are made to be lived with and bring a sense of calm and connection to wherever they are displayed. Hung as Indonesia wall art, a textile’s natural-dye colours and time-honoured motifs bring a sense of indigenous wisdom into any modern space. Placed as a throw across a sofa or bed, the textile’s grounding tactile nature is experienced.

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Earth Dyed Sudamala

Bali Life Cycles IDR 5,357,143

Timor Rich Red Ikat

Sem Behata Sarong IDR 2,857,143

Midnight Blue White Flowers

Ei Pudi Wo Datu IDR 5,714,286

Soga Browns Geometric

Lou Zeldis as Hanging Tablecloth IDR 2,828,571


Architectural Hanging IDR 6,428,571

Lawo Singgi One

Woman's Sarong IDR 5,714,286

Birds on White Centrefield

Timor Beti Naek IDR 8,285,714

Deep Red Timor Wall Art

Woman's Tais Maruka IDR 5,428,571

Scorpios This is for You

Lou Zeldis Sarong Hanging IDR 2,828,571

Elegant Geometry

Bali Rangrang Art IDR 2,642,857

Tai Ro’e

Woman's Sarong IDR 7,142,857

Wastra Poleng

Ceremonial Cloth IDR 2,142,857

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