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An ikat table runner table runner or a batik table runner make for a visually engaging experience. The natural dye colours and indigenous patterns converse well with woodwork or earthenware table centre pieces and flower arrangements. Matched with our natural-dyed placemats and napkins, a table setting brings a sense of the bountiful gifts the Earth brings to our tables.

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Touch of Tradition

Timor Table runner Accent IDR 1,071,429

Flores Island of Flowers

Lete, Home Accent IDR 1,285,714

Natural Dyes Welcome

Lembata Senai IDR 2,142,857

Rich Handspun Leaves

Timor Mau Ana IDR 4,285,714

Deep Red Horseprint

Sumba Teara Haringgi IDR 2,357,143

Placemat and Napkin Set

Lou Zeldis Poleng IDR 642,857

Protective Elegance

Lou Zeldis Art IDR 2,828,571

Rattan Patterns Lou Zeldis

Amazing as Sarong IDR 2,828,571

Rich Black Accent

Sulawesi Cushion Cover IDR 1,071,429

Red Home Accent

Heleda Savu Ikat IDR 1,071,429

Chequered Lou Zeldis

Fabulous Hanging or Sarong IDR 2,828,571

Lou Zeldis Vibrations

Stunning Wall Hanging Sarong IDR 2,242,857

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