he effectiveness of Threads of Life’s work depends on both the gallery and the website connecting indigenous weavers to the wider world. The underlying theme across all our work is support for cultural integrity and survival. Communities fail to develop economically when their self-worth is undermined. Nobody becomes self-starting and empowered when being told by media, government and the outside world that their heritage and identity are backward and primitive. At Threads of Life and our sister nonprofit, the Bebali Foundation, and through the foundation’s Plant Mordant Project, we aim to understand, engage with and support the aspects of a community’s culture and its social institutions that empower people to take charge of their own destinies.

You can support this work economically thorough purchases at our Bali gallery and online store, socially through becoming a friend and receiving our newsletter, philanthropically through the Bebali Foundation and its work, directly as a researcher or volunteer when we put out requests for assistance.