Kerogo is a traditional basket made from young lontar (Borassus flabellifera) palm leaf. It is used by both Savunese men and women to carry food when they go out to work in their garden. The inner part would be where they would put rice and the top would contain salt or chili pepper to eat with the rice. The string is made from the stem of the lontar and then twinned to make it stronger.

  • Traditional Basket
  • 2014
  • Savu Raijua, Savu
  • Lontar palm leaf
  • Height 18 cm. (7.5 in)
  • Diameter 17 cm. (7 in)
  • Code # A01.SB.HM.031

He Gudu

This traditional hat, He Gudu, worn by men in the village of Mehara in Savu, is made from dried lontar palm leaves (Borassus flabellifera).  When woven tightly the hat will shed water so it can be worn in the rain. The seeds on the top of the hat come from the tree called Nitas (Sterculia foetida) and are said to repel lightning. Threads of Life is working with communities throughout Indonesia to revive cultural arts other than textiles as a means of supporting the tradition and providing livelihood to communities.

  • Traditional Hat
  • 2009
  • Savu Raijua, Savu
  • Lontar palm leaf
  • Height 13 cm. (5.4 in)
  • Diameter 43 cm. (18 in)
  • Code # A01.SB.TR.009

Wo Keriwu Nona

The whimsical decoration called Wo Keriwu Nona is made from lontar palm leaves (Borassus flabellifera). It is used as a decoration in the homes of the Savunese around the main town of Seba.

  • Traditional Wedding Decoration
  • 2009
  • Savu Raijua, Savu
  • Lontar palm leaf
  • Height 27 cm. (11.25 in)
  • Diameter 50 cm. (20.8 in)
  • Code # A01.SB.TR.005

Haba Nginu

Lontar (Borrasus flabellifera) has many applications in Savunese society. The liquid tapped from its infloresence is a highly nutritional daily beverage served from this scoop called Haba Nginu made from the young lontar leaves. The sweet palm water may be cooked into a sugar that is very viscous and stored in clay pots called Eru varying in size of 2 – 30 liters. A family will require a minimum amount of 200 liters as a source of sustanence to take them through the season from November to February when there is no more tapping.

  • Traditional Scoop
  • 2010
  • Savu Raijua, Savu
  • Lontar palm leaf
  • Height 10 cm. (4 in)
  • Width 12 cm. (5 in)
  • Length 15 cm. (6.2 in)
  • Code # A01.SB.TR.018