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he Threads of Life fine crafts archive is as integral to our work as our textile archive, though at 350 pieces is half the size of the textile collection. Baskets, basketry and woven mats, wood and horn carving, and pottery are all as important in daily life and as rich in symbolism as the textile arts. In many places basketry and textile making are related arts, with women developing high levels of skill in both.

The principles of quality control, cultural integrity and environmental responsibility behind the textile archive are also held for the fine crafts archive. For example, in the archive we hold basketry pieces as benchmarks for fineness of weave and shape. The symbolism, meaning and uses associated with an object are recorded and databased to the same standards we hold for our textile collection. As with the textiles, problems with materials flag the need for fieldwork focused on sustainability of the raw material supply.

The pieces in this section of our website are a representative sample organized by island of origin. Though none of them are for sale, work of a similar standard can be bought at our gallery in Ubud, Bali.

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