The Blue of Hamba Praing

The coastal road west of East Sumba’s main town of Waingapu sees little traffic. The villages are few and far between on a coastal plain that slopes up from the foreshore’s mangroves to the foot [...]

The Songkets of Singaraja

I was born in the village of Bondalem in Singaraja on the north part of Bali. My father is a farmer. As this area is so dry, we are unable to grow rice, so my father taps the sap from lontar [...]

Field Notes Sulawesi

How exciting to have a box of textiles arrive at Threads of Life office from the weavers of Karataun, central Sulawesi this week! Karataun is the most remote area Threads of Life works in. I have [...]

A Stitch in Time

I have always wondered about the interesting stitching at the head and foot of each Savu sarong textile. This last trip I asked Ina Hale in Namata, who is a member of the Hawu Miha weaver group. [...]

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