Sumba – Reflections after 20 years

The light in Sumba is like no other place. I am mesmerized as I drive along in the early hours of the morning how it highlights the contours of the low laying hills in the distance and outlines [...]

Back on Track

Some of you may remember from the March 2013 Threads of Life Newsletter that we discussed the dilemma we had with our Sulawesi weavers using synthetic dyes to achieve their red color.

Savu to Rai Jua

Trying to schedule a trip to Savu and Rai Jua islands is always a challenge – the timing needs to be such that it is late enough in the year so that the weavers have completed their textile work [...]

New Products and Livelihoods for Timor

On this trip to Timor I went with a very specific purpose: to look for non-cotton fibers that are growing in the communities we currently are working in that may be used for a new product. We [...]

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