Timor & Flores Partners with CELLS

Threads of Life’s nonprofit partner, the Bebali Foundation, has been working on a project called CELLS (Cultural Ecology Livelihood Learning Systems) now for four years with the wonderful [...]

The Luxury of Water on Savu

On our November trip to Savu we arrived before the rains. The land was very dry and hot, and we could appreciate how difficult it is to live here at this time of the year.

Full Circle in Flores

Katharina Paba is one of the only weavers in Bajawa, central Flores, able to make the ceremonial beaded Lawo Butu textiles used by a female clan elder in the inauguration ceremonies for a clan [...]

Nostalgic in Sumba

It has been 11 years since the last time I was in Sumba. As a Balinese mother, it is always hard to leave the house, the family and the obligations to my community, so Iluh and I were very happy [...]