Wisdom of the Ancestors: Boundaries

We live in a world that knows no boundaries. But for the indigenous people of Indonesia, boundaries are always potent invitations to see ourselves in new ways and change the ways we relate to the human and more-than-human world. Where the textile arts remain vital, they are among the primary expressions of this worldview. Much […]

Wisdom of the Ancestors

Our last newsletter was entitled “Wisdom of the Ancestors” and that set me to thinking, what really is the ancestral wisdom that can serve us in this time? Several years ago I was talking to Tadeus Oka, a ritual leader of a community* we work with in the forests of central Flores. I asked him, […]

Threads of Life goes beyond carbon neutral in support of the Global Climate Strike

In September 2019, Threads of Life became carbon neutral, purchasing our 2019 electricity from a small hydro generator in Sumatra and offsetting our 2019 fieldwork air travel emissions through a community small hydro generator in China. Going beyond carbon neutral, we have offset 200% of our emissions in line with bringing atmospheric CO2 levels back […]

Endangered Textile Design: Will we make room for it to survive?

Event: International Convention of Asia Scholars Roundtable Title: Endangered Textile Design: will we make room for it to survive? Convenors: Sandra Niessen and Geneviève Duggan Where: Museum Volkenkunde, Paviljoen Building, Leiden, The Netherlands When: 18 July 2019, 17.00 - 18.45 The Bebali Foundation’s Culture-Ecology-Livelihoods Learning System (CELLS) By William Ingram, Threads of Life (threadsoflife.com) and [...]

What can Threads of Life do about Climate Change?

In mid-April I was in the UK at an amazing and bewildering moment. No, I’m not talking about the here-again-gone-again Brexit deadline; I’m talking about the far more important arrival of Climate Change onto the center stage of British public discourse. I was watching the Extinction Rebellion protests in London on TV news, watching David […]

The Role of Culture in Development: The Bebali Foundation’s Culture-Ecology-Livelihoods Learning System (CELLS)

How do you facilitate profitable, scalable and sustainable business development for indigenous producers that aligns with their customary values and uplifts their cultural identity?

Tea & Textile Tales: Our first Pop-Up Store

We are bringing Threads of Life and tales of the spice trade to Biku in Seminyak for a special one-day only event. Come and learn about Indonesia’s incredible textile arts heritage and maybe even fall in love with a few pieces.

Threads of Life featured at Umajati Retreat

Threads of Life has a sister! Umajati Retreat is a lush garden property hosting two elegantly converted hundred-year-old Javanese teak wooden homes that provide 21st century living in 19th century houses. And of course it features Threads of Life textiles in every room.

Collaboration with Rana Helmi

If you visit our Ubud Gallery, you will find some beautiful pieces of of wearable art. in 2014, we collaborated with Rana Helmi to turn some of the textiles in vests, coats and other winter wear. Some of the pieces modeled here by our very own Jean Howe!

Threads of Life withdraws from the WFTO

Threads of Life has been a part of the fair trade movement since we began working with Indonesia’s traditional weavers in 1997. In 2004 we became a member of the World Fair Trade Organization, which in its own words,