Threads Of Life

William Ingram

Agal from Nusa Penida

Agal Nusa Penida, Bali Nusa Penida remains among the few places in Bali where traditional dyeing and unique weaving techniques

Geringsing from Bali

Geringsing Pat Likur Tenganan Pegerinsingan, Bali The Balinese village of Tenganan Pergerinsingan is one of three place sin the world

Songket from Bali

Songket Sidemen, Bali Songket is a supplementary weft technique, the motif being created in the base weave during weaving. The

Sekomandi from Sulawesi

Sekomandi Architectural Hanging The sekomandi textile has an ikat centre field and striped border panels. The ikat is always two

Beti Naek from Timor

Each of the three stunning textiles shown below contains water elements so essential to our life. Beti Naek This beti naek textile from