A Traditional Sasak Textile from Lombok

It has been six months since our last visit to Sukarara in Lombok. The weavers there remain very enthusiastic and had been busy dyeing and weaving textiles based on the examples we showed them [...]

A Conversation with Petronela Pape

It takes many visits before a community perceives us as being seriously committed to working with them. While the intensity of Nggela’s sacred feeling remains strong for me, this visit felt more [...]

The Joka Ju Festival in Nggela

Early July I received a text message from one of the traditional leaders in Nggela, Flores, inviting me to attend the traditional harvest ceremony, Joka Ju. I was eager to make this trip to learn [...]

The Ngurisang Coming of Age Ceremony

The village of Bayan in north Lombok maintains a local culture, rituals and traditions that predate the conversion to Islam of most of the community. Their traditional ceremonies always fit [...]

The United Hearts of Bokong

Since its founding in 2004, the Nek Mese (United Hearts) cooperative of Bokong in Timor has worked hard and grown dramatically. I still remember when we came searching though this village for [...]

The Rain Cloths of Nggela, Flores

Threads of Life staff have been visiting the village of Ngella in central Flores for over a year, learning about the village’s textile traditions and searching for weavers to work with. Looking [...]

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