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Bete Krao
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Tais Keut Bati
Woman`s Ceremonial Tubular Skirt (2012)

  • Supplementary Warp Wrap Patterning
  • Bokong, Timor
  • Silk and Commercial Cotton Threads Natural Dyes
  • 62 x 120 cm (24 in x 47 in)
  • Dyed and woven by Antoneta Sae
  • Code # T01.TM.BK.536

The hau teas shrine in front of a traditional houses in Timor is made from the root of a tree that has three branches. Each of the branch represents; god, nature and the ancestors
The Nek Mese cooperative in the Amanatun region of Timor employs the supplementary buna technique typical of central Timor to extraordinarily beautiful effect. Buna, as used in the patterning at the foot of the textile, involves the wrapping of individual colored weft threads around the plain lengthwise warp threads while still on the loom. The work is very time consuming and the buna section of a textile can take up to 18 months to complete.

The buna wrap motif on this textile is called Atalae and represents a praying mantis. The Dawan people express ancestral images in their textiles in various forms. The atoni (human figure) and beso (frog) are depicted with outstretched arms and legs. The Atalae praying mantis has extended arms that can hold its prey and also a head that moves in an almost human way as it looks around. All of these images remind the people of the way of the ancestors, and speak both to maintaining ancestral customs and venerating the ancestors. For a weaver this is particularly important, for by weaving her clan motifs she continues to ’’bring down’’ knowledge to the people of the current generation - thus the stories, values and ethics that guide their way of life can be passed on.