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Lau Pahudu
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Lau Pahudu
Ceremonial Tubular Sarong (2013)
  • Tied by Hiwa Ranja Rudung
  • Dyed by Ina Jilik and Ata Hina
  • Woven by Hawu Rima
  • Rindi, Sumba
  • Warp Ikat, supplementary warp patterning with beading
  • Handspun cotton, natural dyes
  • 64 x 146 cm (25 x 57 in)
  • Code # T01.SU.RE.205

Tamu Rambu Hamueti on the back porch
of the Uma Penji house
Designed by Tamu Rambu Hamueti, this textile is from the Uma Penji royal household of Rindi. It is in the same tradition as the 2010 Lau Pahudu Hada (code # T01.SU.RE.160), blending techniques and motifs from the villages of Pau and Rindi. Both display extraordinary detail of ikat work and dye saturation, but with the current cloth this has been achieved on handspun cotton.

Lau Pahudu means a tubular ikat sarong with supplementary warp patterning. The ikat motifs in the main ikat bands are Wala Ai, a flower, and Karihu, which is a seashell representing the bounty of the sea. The Karihu motif relates both to the mythological time when the ancestors crossed the ocean to arrive in Sumba, and to the actual time during the 19th century when Rindi was founded. As such it may only be used by high ranking families descended from the village’s founder.