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Jarik Batik
Multi-Purpose Scarf (2005)

  • Woven by Kasti
  • Batik by Jawok
  • Dyed by Sarni
  • Kerek village, Java
  • Warp-faced plain weave, batik
  • Handspun cotton, natural dyes
  • 56 cm x 331 cm (22 in x 130 in)
  • Code # T.JA.TB.027

A young batik artist learns
the craft, Tuban, Java
For thousands of years, traders and immigrants have fostered strong cultural ties between the island of Java and the great civilizations of east and west Asia. Large Chinese communities have existed on Java’s northern coast for centuries, and have given a strong Chinese flavor to the Javanese arts in those cities. In Pekalongan, for example, the large colorful designs on local batik reveal a powerful leaning towards Chinese tastes. In other areas, the influence is more subtle.

This sayut-so called for the long twined fringes at either end-was made in eastern Java, some distance inland from the northern coast, in an area not notable for its Chinese community. The motif, called Lok Chan, drawn directly from Ming-period Chinese models, has been adapted in design and color to the artistic preferences of the Javanese.