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Kreot Beloge
Lawo Butu
Manu Atabian
Lea Ramu
Lawo Singi One
Kreot Beloge
Woman`s Tubular Sarong (2011)

  • Tied, dyed, and woven by Antonia Bui Hera
  • Bama, Larantuka, Flores
  • Warp ikat
  • Handspun Cotton Natural Dyes
  • 62 cm x 151 cm-24 in x 59 in
  • Code # T01.FL.DP.001

The Blepanawa Weavers Group are all members of PEKKA
The people living under the Ile Mandiri mountain on the eastern tip of Flores are weavers and basketry artisans as well as being farmers. Many of the women living in the village of Demun Pagong are part of an organization called PEKKA which is a national organization that supports women-headed households. Indonesian law recognizes only men as householders, so single women - who have been left by or have lost their husbands - suffer discrimination and isolation. Threads of Life is working with PEKKA as many of these marginalized women are weavers. The people of Demun Pagong maintain their tradition of using textiles as a gift exchange at marriage. This textile, locally called Kreot Beloge, is the most highly regarded ritual textile that is exchanged at marriage. It is handspun and predominately red and with small shells as decoration.